International Day

International Day

International Day is a school-wide celebration of our family and staff's amazing array of cultural and ethnic traditions!  This is traditionally run every other year in the spring.  (2018, 2020, 2022, etc)

The next international day will be in 2022.

To see a slideshow of our 2016 international day click below:

Volunteers Needed 

  • After-school art assistant

Help the International Day Committee host an after-school art time to help students make decorations for International Day.

On International Day (note: only volunteers can be in the school that day)

  • Set-Up Team 

Be in attendance in the morning to help Country Booth Managers take their booth supplies from the driveway circle to their table and help with any other set up needs (extension cords, tape, etc...)

  • Country Booth Manager 

Decorate your booth and be in attendance on May 18th to speak to children as they cycle through various booths learning about different cultures. (NOTE: You do not need to have lived in or have visited the country you are hosting. You can research the country and help completely represent all 7 continents).

  • Country Booth Assistant 

Help the Country Booth Manager decorate and talk to students about the selected country.

To volunteer, please contact the chair using the link below. 

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