Frequently asked questions

School Related

What are the important JRE phone numbers?

JRE Main Number: 585-267-1300 Heath Office: 585-267-1340 Bus Garage: 585-267-1480 Attendance Line: 585-267-1309 If your child is going to be absent from school, you must report it through the attendance line.

What time will by child be home on Early Dismissal days?

Refer to the School District Calendar for important dates and times, including early dismissal days. Dismissal will occur at 11:44am on these days. If your child rides the bus, it should take your child an equitable amount of time to get home on the bus as it takes them on a regular day.

Who do I contact regarding Special Education Services? Are there any additional parental supports?

Elizabeth Woods is the Director of Special Education and can be reached at 267-1014. Parent Advocates for Special Students (PASS) is a district wide, PTSA sponsored network of parents interested in special education and trends. Visit the PASS web page for more information.

Is there a Lost and Found?

There are Lost and Found containers at school and in the district transportation office (the transportation office is located directly across the parking lot from the Mendon Center Elementary main entrance).

What is the protocol on teacher's gifts, particularly during the holidays?

In the spring, PTSA organizes Teacher Appreciation Day. Room parents will contact families and ask them to consider donating a small amount per child. This is voluntary and it is NOT allowed to be more than $5. With this money, they will organize a class gift for the teacher(s) in your child's class. Recent NYS tax laws state that gifts worth a total of $75 or more received from students have to be reported as extra earnings by the teachers. Over the holidays, some parents choose to send in cookies or other small tokens to show their appreciation. This is voluntary and again should not be a costly gift.

Do I have any input as to my child's teacher placement for next year?

In the spring, the building principal sends home a form via your child's Take Home Folder requesting family input. The purpose of collecting input is to place students into the environment that best suits them. Families can’t request to have (or not have) a specific teacher. Current year teachers also provide feedback to the principal to help make the best choice for each child. A week or two before school starts, families receive a welcome back packet with teacher assignment and back to school information.

What "specials" do students participate in at school?

Art, gym, library, computer and music. Each day your child will have one or more special. Your classroom teacher will send this schedule home early in the school year. Children in 4th and 5th grades are required to bring in a change of clothing for gym class and will be assigned a locker.

What is offered to buy for lunch and how much is it? How do they pay for lunch?

Lunch and recess are at the same time each day. Hot lunches cost $3.50 (subject to change from year to year) and includes an entree and two sides (milk counts as a side). A menu with daily selections is available online. Yogurt and Grain lunch or an Uncrustable PB&J are also offered on a daily basis. Parents are encouraged to sign up for an online for a debit card on Please contact the school if your children have allergies or with specific questions.

Can I get a class list with student contact information?

Families should sign up online to be included in the school directory. If you have signed up previously, a link will be emailed directly to you asking to confirm your contact information. Additionally, Room Reps will put together "Friendship Lists" for each individual class. They will ask for what information, if any, you want included on that list.

What do I need to bring to visit school?

Bring a drivers license or photo ID when visiting. Anyone entering the school must use the main entrance and sign in at the office before entering the building. All other doors are locked during the school day. Visitors are required to wear a visitor sticker at all times while in the building.

Is there a Back-To-School orientation/summer visit day?

A school information packet will be sent out at the end of August with details regarding visiting the school/classroom prior to the first day.

PTSA Related

Are there any gatherings or resources for newcomers?

JRE PTSA has created a page with useful information for Newcomers. During the school year, newcomers have an opportunity to ask questions at JRE PTSA meetings. These meetings are a great opportunity to meet parents at the school. Visit the Newcomers page for more informaiton.

Can I bring my children who do not attend JRE to the school if I am attending a PTSA meeting, volunteering with ASE, joining my child for lunch or to a classroom activity?

Most often this is not a problem. (Definitely for PTSA meetings, ASE volunteering, and lunch) However, for classroom activities, check with the teacher or organizer first.

What does JRE PTSA do?

The District PTSA and JRE PTSA support many programs, both financially and/or with volunteers. Without your membership dues and time, these programs wouldn't be possible. Visit the Program Directory for more information about current programs.


How does my son/daughter join Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts?

Girl Scout Information: Girl Scout troops start in kindergarten. Visit the Girl Scouts website for more information: Girl Scouts Cub Scouts: Cub Scouts start in 1st grade. Visit the Boy Scounts website for more information: Boy Scouts

What sporting activities are in the area?

Pittsford has many sporting clubs. Here are a few that may be of interest: Pittsford Mustangs - Developmental and travel soccer leagues Pittsford Little League - Fall and spring programs and leagues. Pittsford Community Lacrosse Inc.- Several programs for boys and girls starting in kindergarten CYP Basketball Pittsford Volleyball League- for 3rd-6th graders