Roller Skating 

Roller Skating Parties
Rollerskating dates for 2021-2022 TBD

Roller skating parties are held for each grade level, with the exception of kindergarten. Parties are school-sponsored events but utilize PTSA Volunteers. 

All skating parties will run from 3:00 – 4:15.  Students will leave all of their belongings in one location (TBD) and walk to the gym in socks. All children will be REQUIRED to wear a helmet in order to skate.


Unless volunteering, parents will not be allowed in the gym for the duration of the rollerskating party. Parents will pick up their kids at a check out table.

We would also like to remind parents that all tickets can be purchased online through MySchoolBucks.  Families will be allowed to send in cash or a check up until the last day of the party.  


Volunteers Needed

We need at LEAST 8-10 PTSA volunteers. The volunteers help at roller skating parties by assisting students with putting on skates and helping those that need an extra hand while skating.  Watch for sign-ups to help!

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