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Roller Skating 

Roller Skating Parties

Roller skating parties are held for each grade level, with the exception of kindergarten. Parties are school-sponsored events but utilize PTSA Volunteers. Information from the school will be sent home about a week before the event.


All skating parties will run from 3:00 – 4:30.  Students will leave all of their belongings on a table in the cafeteria while they skate.  Tables will be labeled by their teacher’s last name.


 Parents will need to enter using the cafeteria doors and meet their child outside the cafeteria when the party ends.  Children will begin coming down to the cafeteria to meet their parents about 4:25.  They are released in small groups to cut down on the congestion.


Parents may come up to the gym to watch their child skate between 4:10 and 4:20.  Parents must be down by the cafeteria by 4:20 so that they can meet their child after they are released from the party.


We would also like to remind parents that all tickets will need to be purchased online this year by going through MySchoolBucks.  We will not be accepting any cash purchases of tickets.  A second e-mail will follow that contains information about the dates of ticket sales online, the price of the ticket, and the link to purchase the tickets.  Please read the instructions carefully.


Finally, the cost this year will remain $6.75 for a ticket.  Please note that there is also a charge (convenience fee) of 26 cents.

Volunteers Needed

PTSA volunteers help at roller skating parties by assisting students with putting on skates and supporting students that need an extra hand while skating.  Watch for sign-ups to help.

Parents are welcome to chaperone!  If you are interested in being a chaperone so that you can attend the whole skating party please contact Stacy Hollenbeck.  She can be reached at by e-mail at or by her cell phone, which is 314-5089. 

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